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The grim images show the shark using a hook and follow still attached.

He said it had been almost impossible for a shark that size to be captured and also for it to be kept silent.

Stacey believes that it was someone simply trying to create a sensation. Anyone who killed a Great White faced 10 years in prison or a R50 000 fine.

Before, a vigilante group threatened to lure Great Whites with hens stuffed with broken glass and to take each shark in False Bay, after Tyna Webb, 77, was killed by a shark in Fish Hoek. However, Mike Meyer of Marine and Coastal Management believes that it was just hysteria.

He said at least three people had verified that the shark pictures were taken years ago. “It is a hoax and just as well,” he said. Meyer stated Marine and Coastal Management had attempted to track the source of this email but it was sent to so many people that it was hard to find where it began.

He wished people would place the problem in view:”So few people are killed by sharks in comparison to hippos and other wild creatures, yet there’s so much hysteria around a shark attack.”

And these were not the first hoax pictures Meyer had seen.

“There is one that turns up every so often, of enormous sharks near bathers off a beach in KwaZulu-Natal throughout a sardine run. But a person has just Photoshopped them – we have the first image in which there are no sharks.”

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